Estate planning solutions for high-net worth individuals

“Our firm provides exclusive asset management for a very wealthy individual who buys severely distressed real estate assets nationwide and resides seasonally in several states. The nature of his business investments continuously exposes him to great financial risk and very complex business litigation. His relatives include several generations of family members including children and step-children from multiple marriages.

“Because our client is always very focused on his business activities, he was very reticent about stopping and spending time to develop a comprehensive estate plan. He knew in general how he would like to see his estate evolve after his demise, but he had not developed concrete plans to implement his wishes. Further, over the years, he had met with many financial planners and had been disappointed with their recommendations. He felt that each of the planners appeared to specialize in the sale of one particular product, and that after each one had reviewed our client’s estate, the planner would inevitably determine that their particular product was the only solution for his needs.

“Craig Birchler of Everest Estate Solutions worked with our client over a period of several meetings to help him conceptualize his plans and to develop the instruments to do so. Craig answered a wide range of questions, provided multiple solutions, and knew what to ask and when to ask it. Our client still has additional estate planning to complete, but he now has the confidence that the work in progress is really being done in his best interest.”

Carl Reinhart, President, Peninsula Investment Real Estate

“Integrity, honesty, and sincerity still exist.”

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your assistance in setting up my life insurance policy. From beginning to end, the service was impeccable. Your explanations and description of the various options really helped in the decision process. In something as important as planning the future for my family, it was reassuring to speak with you and learn what to expect in the process from start to finish. I especially appreciate your follow-up after my insurance policy was implemented.

“In these volatile times, it is reassuring to know that integrity, honesty, and sincerity still exist. It really is with great pleasure that I would recommend you and your firm to anyone who would avail themselves of your services. As our family’s needs evolve, I look forward to working again with you in the future and wish the best for the expansion of your firm.”

Ann Chen, Certified Financial Analyst

Need-based, cost-effective solutions

“I changed my expensive life insurance policy recently to one which is not only tailored to my current needs but is cost-effective. Craig at Everest Estate Solutions has been instrumental in making this possible. With his patience and his wealth of knowledge, he was able to present and explain different alternatives in detail. Craig was great to work with!”

Ken Yee

Effective leasing and management

“Due to a job relocation, I urgently had to put my house on the market for lease. Craig at Everest Estate Solutions is someone I turned to and trusted. He gave insightful and constructive recommendations based on the applications we have. As a result, I got the best deal out of all the applications. Since Everest Estate Solutions is managing my property as well, I can also rest assured that my investment (house) is well taken care of.”

Ken Yee