Everest Estate Solutions (Everest) President and founder Craig Birchler has enjoyed success in both the real estate and estate planning industries. He attributes his success to (1) “Kiwi” ingenuity and hard work (Craig was born in New Zealand), (2) communication and networking skills he learned from working on three continents, and (3) finding innovative and creative solutions when others have given up.

Personal success

Craig began his career in real estate as an asset manager for a select group of clients. Not satisfied with the level of brokerage service his clients were receiving, Craig decided that it was time for him to become a licensed real estate broker. By doing this, he could ensure that his clients would receive the standard of excellence he required.

His entrance into the estate planning world began with a phone call from a friend who was a recognized leader and innovator in the financial planning/life insurance arena. The friend needed someone who could quickly learn complex strategies and explain them to high net worth clients and their advisors (attorneys and CPAs). The friend made a convincing case and Craig made the leap, while still maintaining his asset management clients. With his drive to excel and his ability to find creative solutions, it was not long before Craig was enjoying tremendous success in the estate planning company.

Everest Estate Solutions

When the entrepreneur in him could no longer be an employee, Craig considered starting either his own real estate brokerage or estate planning business. Realizing that many of his clients used one professional for their real estate needs and another for estate planning, he began to wonder whether one person with the right experience and expertise could do both and offer them as an integrated strategy. When he realized it was possible, Everest Estate Solutions was born.

Everest’s vision is to provide clients peace of mind with the knowledge that, “under one roof,” a team of professionals is working for the maximum total value of both their real estate and estate plan.

Education and family

Craig grew up in New Zealand and completed his Business Management Degree with a major in accounting and finance at the University of Waikato. He met his wife in the United States while studying, and they now reside in Irvine, California, with their three children.

If you have any questions about how Everest can help you with your estate planning or real estate needs—or if you just need some travel tips for your trip to New Zealand—give Craig a call.

Craig Birchler

Real estate license no. 01414540
Life insurance license no. 0E71538